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Fire Marshal/Fire Watch

Kamko Security Services is one of the UK’s most trusted providers of fire wardens, offering a full range of services to suit multiple occupancy buildings such as apartment blocks amongst others.

Whatever your needs, our highly trained, experienced, and talented fire safety team can be there to provide a safe and secure environment for building fire watch.

Furthermore, our fire safety team are experienced in providing 24/7 Waking Watch (or Fire Watch) services for both commercial and residential buildings whose purpose is to be alert for any safety concern. This service encompasses fire safety and includes personnel such as Fire Wardens, Watchmen, and Marshalls. The buildings that require our services will typically be, but are not restricted to, high-rise tower blocks.

Our personnel have professional experience in public-facing environments and follow an Active Awake Alert policy. They work hard to ensure residents and workers have the peace of mind that comes with knowing the integrity of their property is always maintained and demonstrate high levels of trust and professionalism when interacting with the public.

What are the 6 fire marshal’s responsibilities?

The duties of a fire marshal are outlined as follows:

  • Assess fire risks.
  • Spot and report hazards.
  • Take appropriate action in the event of a fire.
  • Administer first aid.
  • Fight fire where necessary.
  • Ensure a safe, efficient evacuation.

Our fire marshals/wardens are trained to:

  • Note and report hazards to the ‘responsible person’
  • Remove any unsafe items stored inappropriately
  • Checking the smoking areas are kept clean and ashtrays are emptied regularly
  • Take the correct action in the event of a fire
  • Record all details in a logbook
  • Familiarise themselves with the designated assembly point
  • Ensure that all fire-resisting doors are kept shut, and locked shut where required
  • Ensure that escape routes are kept clear and can be always used effectively
  • Provide assurance to residents of the building and direct them to fire escapes.
  • Report any concerns to the ‘responsible person’ for the building or call 999

Once our fire marshals are alerted to a fire they will:

  • Respond to fire alarm systems
  • Call the emergency services
  • Alerting residents ASAP on operation of a smoke alarm
  • Evacuate people from the area involved via practised routes
  • Ensure that anyone who is pregnant or with disabilities are appropriately assisted
  • Conduct a floor sweep to ensure no one is left behind
  • Knocking on each flat door and/ or using horns to alert residents
  • Make themselves visible at the assembly point

Assist all in the Workplace

As fire marshal, we have both a social and moral responsibility for the wellbeing of those in the workplace. Perhaps a member of staff has not properly absorbed any fire-related education you may have preferred. Whilst it may become repetitive, if someone is concerned about fire procedure, you should make sure they feel comfortable.

Similarly, if someone raises concerns about the potential of the building, their colleagues or anything else to cause a fire, it is your duty to assuage their fears. Rather than simply reassure them, of course, you must investigate their concerns and evaluate, as the Responsible Person, whether they hold water.

Our guards receive industry led training to ensure they deal with every fire alarm activation as quickly as possible, informing the fire brigade immediately and keeping any potential losses to your business and the public to a minimum. Every alarm activation is treated with the same level of importance

Here are some tips to keep your site safe:

  • Make sure all electrical devices are PAT Tested.
  • Ensure that health and safety policies are up to date
  • Conduct regular fire risk assessments
  • Link your business automatically to a fire service

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