Corporate Office and Concierge Security

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Corporate Office and Concierge Security

Kamko Security Services is one of the UK’s leading security guard companies serving businesses and individuals in the UK. Every security guard we employ is SIA-licensed and trained to handle any security concerns that may arise at your premises. Our officers are well trained to handle emergencies that may arise within your business, and you can confidently call on us to cover sickness and absenteeism.

Create the Best First Impression with Our Office/Concierge Security Guards

At Kamko Security Services, we understand that you want your Corporate/office/concierge staff to be able to deal with enquiries as they are the first person your customers see when entering your premises.

Our officers will be representing you and us, which is why we train all our officers in corporate and hospitality security management.

When you’re leaving your premises, you want to know that it’s in safe and trustworthy hands and we pride ourselves in our high customer retention rate.

Personal safety is of paramount importance to everyone, and we will ensure to protect everyone we work for.

Multi-Skilled Office/Concierge Security Staff

When you hire Kamko security guards, you’ll not only be getting a security team with vast experience in front of the house security, but many other skills as listed below.

Each member is trained in first aid, switchboard duties, front of house and reception skills.

With an approval from the SIA in the private security field, we’re certain that what you’re seeking in a front of the house security is what we proudly offer.

Whatever challenges our officers will face, such as encounters with people with no authorised access to the premises, we will deal with them in an utmost professional manner.

“Exceptional Customer Service”

Great customer service is essential for all front of the house staff. You need officers who will always be well-presented, courteous and have a can-do attitude and are willing to assist everyone.

Our officers will wear formal guard uniform on request, to fit in to your business’ brand. We also train our front of the house security in telephone and reception duties to ensure you have a hassle-free day.

Meeting and greeting customers are what our staff will always endeavour to do, no matter how busy the environment is. We aim to enhance your business’ profile to customers not only for safety reasons, but through providing a professional and friendly service to customers and colleagues as well.

Below are the key points we focus on

Controlling Access to Your Premises

Our front of the house staff will keep an eye on the entrances and exits to your business premises 24/7 and ensure no unauthorised entry is allowed.

Meeting, Greeting and welcoming Clients

Face-to-face contact with customers is something we know leaves a lasting impression, which is why our security team will ensure they’re always smiling.

Assisting Anyone and Everyone

Helping others is of key importance not just for a business, but in everyday life. We make sure our officers are trained to be always attentive and willing to always assist.

Front of House Duties

With our officers comes front of house security duties, rest assured that everyone who enters your building will be screened before admittance.

Diffusing Unwanted Situations

Our staff at Kamko Security Services are well-versed in dealing with anyone who poses as a threat to your business. They have been well trained to handle and defuse any situation.

24/7 Service

Kamko Services concierge guards are available to hire 365 days of the year, including Bank Holidays.

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